KARIBU – Migrant Working Lands

Migration belongs to the history of humanity; it accompanies, shapes, and transforms history into a new reality. People love to migrate for curiosity, change, and to experience new horizons. They do not like to migrate because of war, famine, or to try to save their lives. In those cases we are not talking about migration, but rather escape.

Since July 2016, ADRA Italia has undertaken in close cooperation with the Cooperative “Al di là dei sogni” (Beyond Dreams), a project dedicated to the reception of the land, from which the name of the project: “Lavoriamo terre migranti”.

The project is oriented to residents of Castel Volturno and the surrounding area that are originally from Ghana. These migrants have international protection and have lived permanently in Italy for several years.

The aim of the project is to create employment contracts by limiting the exploitation of human dignity in migrant relationships and workplaces. The path we have drawn to achieve our goals is vocational training through “work grants” at social cooperatives in the territory that manages confiscated goods and carries out programs against organized crime and operates in the region for restoration of the productivity of the earth. All this is from experimentation in community agriculture at national and regional levels. This centers on the various functions of agriculture, namely the protection of biodiversity, landscape enhancement, tourism, the preservation of the territory and the prevention of environmental degradation.

The direct and indirect aims of the project include: the employment of disadvantaged people, the use of common and confiscated goods and territories, the respect and safeguarding of the environment through biological cultivation, the enhancement of relations and direct links between other partners in the profit and non-profit worlds, the openness to the territorial community, the transmission of messages with a strong ethical and social content and the building of a network of organizations and institutions interested in dialogue on the issue of the relationship between immigration and agriculture.

The specific actions implemented in the project include:

  1. Social service help desk;
  2. Italian language courses;
  3. Work grants training;
  4. Preparatory driving school courses.

In the territory of Castel Volturno public and non-urban public transport is limited to the main roads of the city, and therefore the suburbs are excluded. Moreover, buses do not have regularity at scheduled times and often run without any notice to citizens. This gives rise to several disadvantages to migrants who do not own a car and almost always do not even have a driver’s license. Having to entrust the workplace to public transport is very difficult.

Job-based training within social organizations cooperatives enables project recipients to carry out varied experiences in the field of social cooperation and networking activities with for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Migrant Working Lands aims to be the beginning of a prodigious circuit that can generate new images of social integration between different cultures that strive for the same goal of living in a land that is generous and welcoming and where developing social opportunities can be developed.

Collaboration for project implementation

ADRA Italia, through the contribution of otto per mille of the Italian Seventh-day Adventist Church, implemented a big part of the project during the first months of 2017.

Thanks to the indispensable support of the otto per mille, the generosity of many private donors and the funds gathered from fundraising events, it is our great wish to be continue serving the community.

If you also want to help us, you can donate online through PayPal or Credit Card or through a bank or post office account.